ProHive Warehouse

For customers requiring a distribution method for products and items for retail or internal use within a franchise or multi-branch business, the need arises for a method of distribution and stock control that is both effective and economical.

This is where ProHive © comes into play. We have been helping businesses perform these tasks effectively for over 20 years. An unlimited number of products for either retail or internal use can be effectively distributed between branches from users or supervisors who are authorised to order a selection of products to certain branches.

The products are automatically monitored by ProHive, and notifications are sent when re-order points have been reached, ensuring products do not run out. In addition, an effective back-ordering system kicks into action as soon as stock levels are replenished.

Being a cloud-based application, ProHive can be run from any platform or device and gives minute information on orders, stock levels and categories. An unlimited number of users, products, and transactions are handled easily by a system that has had years of refinement and can be customised to suit your requirements as we are the developers of ProHive.

A solid range of useful reports are also available and easy to download on your phone or device.

ProHive Store Front: Streamlined ordering for every user.

  • Effortless browsing: Single-page web app for lightning-fast navigation and responsiveness on any device.
  • Secure access: Protect your account with robust login protocols and multi-factor authentication.
  • Instant discovery: A powerful search bar helps you find the products you need in seconds.
  • Seamless ordering: Simplified cart and checkout process for frictionless transactions.
  • Stay informed: Get automatic email notifications for order confirmations, backorders, and deliveries.
  • Quick reordering: Pre-fill carts with past orders or set up automatic backorders.
  • Minimal hassle: Streamlined login/registration gets customers started quickly and easily.
  • Full control: Track your orders and manage your account details with a dedicated user portal.
  • Organized shopping: Browse through intuitive multi-level categories for efficient product discovery.
  • Touch-friendly design: Optimized for smartphones and tablets, providing a smooth experience on any device.
  • Always up-to-date: Real-time updates ensure everyone sees the latest product information and availability.
  • Clean and intuitive interface: Modern and user-friendly design for a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Teamwork made easy: Multi-user group access lets you collaborate with your team seamlessly.
  • Personalized control: Different user levels grant access to specific features, ensuring data security and operational efficiency.

ProHive Back-End Features

ProHive's back-end features give you the power and control you need to optimise your multi-branch operations, improve efficiency, and gain valuable insight into your warehousing operations.

Centralized Control & Efficiency:

  • Manage multiple account portals effortlessly: Switch between branches and control settings easily.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Track everything from orders to inventory across all branches in one streamlined view.
  • Rapid portal creation: Generate new storefronts instantly, eliminating development costs and delays.

Advanced Inventory Management:

  • Granular item control: Manage items, owners, categories, warehouses, and users with intuitive directives.
  • Real-time stock visibility: Monitor inventory levels across all locations and set maximum order quantities.
  • Automated reordering: Set re-order points with email notifications to ensure timely restocking.
  • Multiple product variants: Track different versions of products with varying prices and images.

Empowering User Management:

  • Multi-level user roles: Define administrator, superuser, and user permissions for granular access control.
  • Restricted product access: Grant specific user groups access to individual products for increased security.
  • Robust reporting: Generate standard reports on orders, users, and items, or design custom reports for deeper insights.
  • Quick stock adjustments: Update inventory levels instantly for accurate data and optimized ordering.
  • Bulk item import: Import new products via CSV file for fast setup and efficiency.

Case studies

Prohive has been an inventory management and distribution solution for more than 10 years for leading companies like BP, Castrol, Sony, Samsung NZ to name a few.

Through the implementation of ProHive with these clients, day to day warehouse operations have been revolutionised. By automating tasks, improving inventory management, optimizing orders, and providing real-time reporting insights, ProHive has significantly enhanced operational efficiency, accuracy, and productivity for all our existing clients. 

ProHive is ideal for businesses who have a centralised warehouse(s) that require stock distribution to multiple branches or locations. i.e. BP, Turners etc.   

We are able to customise ProHive to suite your specific requirements. 

If you are interested in our Warehouse Distribution application, please feel free to contact us for a demo.